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2004 - 2005

Susan Vedoy,
Finesse Your Mess, Artful Décor Services

Susan VedoySusan, a visual artist and interior decorator, has been decorating and reworking living spaces since the age of 11. Susan's Norwegian immigrant parents were raised learning to craft items out of wool, cloth, wood or whatever new or used materials were available. They often improvised by reusing or reworking older items into something new, and Susan developed similar habits and inclinations, creatively recycling or reworking home furnishings in her room makeovers. She has years of practical experience completing extensive home renovation and decorating projects, sewing, upholstery work, and, her primary passion, creating original works of art in the form of paintings, murals, floor cloths.

Susan's more than ten years of university schooling focused on the study of art, psychology, education and counseling. She then worked in vocational rehabilitation and career counseling until 2004, when the agency she worked at closed. This gave her the opportunity to bring art and design back to center stage and realize a dream by becoming a business owner and Interior Decorator. Her career counseling background informs the way she practices interior design, as well as why, working on helping people to improve their lives by making small (or larger) changes that can have huge impact.

Susan's business, "Finesse Your Mess, Artful Décor Services", provides creative interior decorating and de-cluttering services, in addition to original paintings and custom murals. She specializes in Home Staging services, which are offered in collaboration with a local realtor as well as individually to those planning on selling their homes.

Susan's business motto is: "Making your space work, so you can play." Susan encourages recycling, reutilizing, improvising, being creative, and having fun as you create a more functional and aesthetically pleasing living environment.

To find out how Susan can help you finesse your mess contact her at:

Phone: 604-725-6305

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